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Tara from Sticky Fingers declared on Twitter that this week’s topic for The Gallery was a tough one.  At first I was racking my brain trying to work out if I even owned anything Vintage.  I’m only 24 so not sure that anything from my childhood could be classed as Vintage just yet but then remembered that I have been lucky enough to inherit two personal items from Great Grandparents.  I had a choice between a ring that I recieved when my Great Grandmother Doris, who I wrote about a few weeks ago for a previous Gallery topic and also this little fella:

This is Charlie Bear.  He was given to me at about the age of 10 when my Great Grandfather died.  My Grandpa’s name was  actually Arthur but everyone knew him as Charlie so this little guy was named after him.  It was his childhood teddy bear so it’s roughly 80 years old. He was so well played with that he has lost his roar, his hands and feet have been replaced and his ears are on the wrong way around!  It is a Steiff Bear but to a collector he would mean nothing but he has a huge amount of sentimental value.  Spud’s middle name was named after my Grandpa Charlie so this little bear sits on a shelf high in his bedroom watching over him every night.  I like to think my Grandpa Charlie watches over us and keeps my boys safe.

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