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This is our first week of joining in with The Gallery.

When I saw the theme I had a great mix of emotions.  I had wanted to write something along these lines for a few weeks now but it also something that I have put off as it’s quite hard to sit and type it.

This is my Great Grandmother Doris.  She was a truly amazing woman who has totally inspired me to not let my life pass by without enjoying it and making the most of it.  Growing up we used to travel to see her a few times a year but I mostly remember my Great Grandad on those visits.  He had Parkinson’s Disease and couldn’t really talk anymore but I would sit there reading him a story or showing him my latest toys.  He died shortly after we moved to Cyprus and I will never forget my Mum walking in to tell me the news.  At aged 9 I saw her at my door and just knew that he was no longer with us.  Doris had spent years nursing him and suddenly she was on her own.  She had always been well travelled due to his job but this is really when her holidays started!  She came out to visit us in Cyprus and then when we moved to Australia she made the flight to come and see us a couple of times.  Then she started cruising!  Over the past few years I haven’t seen much of her because she was always away in some far distant land.

With Spud 2009

With Spike 2010

Sadly in April this year she fell down the stairs and broke her hip.  I went to visit her at the hospital and she got to see the boys as well.  On Saturday 30th April I saw my Great Grandmother and had some fantastic conversations about the Royal Wedding and how there were 2 dogs under a bed waving at her!  She was in and out of sanity, one minute knowing she was talking utter crap and then next blabbing on about something else!  On the Saturday afternoon she was even better and had stopped being delusional.  We all held out hope that she was coming home.  On Monday 2nd May at 7am my parents got the phone call to say that over night she had taken a turn for the worse and they had to get in to the hospital sharpish.  At 10.30am I got the phone call asking if i wanted to go and say goodbye.  There I was at 24 years old having never been to a funeral being asked if i wanted to see my wonderful Great Grandmother before she left us.  I rushed to the hospital, I will never forget running down the empty corridors just so that I would get there on time.  45 minutes after I got there, with my parents and I holding her hands – Doris Mildred Shave passed away aged 92.

I am so honoured that I knew her, she was the most hilarious woman that I have ever met and so unbelievably loving.  I will always remember her for her foul mouth, her stories of how she never got drunk (apart from one time after the war) told with a glass of Baileys in her hand and how she would leave most of her dinner but then devour a whole packet of sweets thinking that we didn’t know what she was up to.

I am so glad that she got to meet my boys and that she was so pleased that Spike was named after my Great Grandad.  I’m so happy to know that she was proud of me.

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