Spud and Spike’s weekly round up!

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Wow what a week!

The Hubby has been off work this week so it’s been a lot less structured and the house has been a lot less tidy!  Monday started like any other with Spud going up to Creche.  I noticed a sign on the door about his Creche manager doing a charity parachute jump the previous Friday.  I was impressed but not surpised because she is really sporty. I saw Spud’s keyworker and was like “Wow isn’t that amazing!” only to be told that she had been involved in an accident on landing.  I nearly freaked out!  I am too much of a wimp to be a daredevil as the risks far outweigh the benefits for me and I was totally thinking the worse.  Luckily, well not luckily but it could have been worse, she broke her ankle and leg and requires an operation!  Her husband is out in Afghanistan as well so it’s not a great time for her at all.

The rest of the week sort of sailed by like it does when he is off work, with craft group on Tuesday where Spud made a Sandwich and some krispie cakes.  Not the usual crafty things that we normally bring home but hey, he ate if for lunch so I can’t complain!  We had a few potty successes with Spud which I was so proud of him for!  I never thought human excrement could get me so excited!

We got to Thursday and I tootled off to the Doctor with Spike because he had really spotty feet.  Now I have suffered from Eczema for my whole life, its comes and goes but more often that not it’s on my feet every summer.  His little spots looked a lot like what I get so I made sure he wasn’t wearing socks or wearing anything that would make him  sweaty.  Turns out he has “Hand, Foot and Mouth” disease!  It’s a viral infection that luckily hasn’t spread past his feet and perhaps a few tiny spots on his hands and he was fine in himself.  Then the Doctor did some usual checks and discovered his patches of Eczema on his chest.  Turns out they are actually Ringworm.  He is one scabby child!

My scabby baby!

Friday saw Spud’s last day at creche for the Summer.  I was quite sad about it but the teachers didn’t make that much of a fuss which was a bit of a disappointment to me.  I think because the end of term brings back memories of School being unbelievably fun on the last day!  Friday night we had a friend around for dinner and he doesn’t particularly like children.  (He comes to play PC games with the Hubby)  Spud decided to be an absolute little monkey at dinner time.  He refused to eat and nothing was changing his mind.  Suddenly he just burst into tears and went so far that he was retching,  I picked him up and he was red hot.  His temperature was nearly 38°.  I felt awful because we had been having a go about him not eating and the poor sod didn’t feel very well.  It came on very suddenly as well because we picked him up to put him at the table at the beginning of the meal and he was fine!  For the first time in his life he went to bed early through choice.

Walking to Creche on his last day before the Summer Holidays!

Today he woke up fine and scoffed his breakfast so we knew he was feeling brighter.  Then we had the washing incident.  Our washing machine and tumble dryer are kept in the garage due to our abnormally small kitchen.  Yesterday on my way out to get Spud from creche I popped in to swap the washing around and left a bag of clean dry washing on the garage floor.  This morning I remember about it and went to get it and fold it up.  As i walked into the garage the bag moved.  I had a minor freak out but thought I must have imagine it.  Until the bag moved again!  I ran from the garage screaming like a little girl!  The Hubby went to see if he could find anything and after some poking around declared that the bag was empty.  We took it inside and I started folding the washing.  I lent over to pick something up and came face to face with a frog.  Now I properly freaked out.  I may as well have jumped onto the window sill!  I hate frogs.  I don’t know why they are just far too slimey and hoppy for my liking! Cue the Hubby laughing (a lot) whilst he emptied the washing onto the floor outside and ushered the frog away.  The frog infested clothes are back in the machine and I am too scared to go to the garage alone!

Our VERY unwelcome guest!

Once all that drama was over it was late afternoon and Spike was looking a bit peaky.  By bath time he had a temperature.  He refused his bed time bottle and went to bed only to be screaming in pain a few hours later.  His temperature was 38.5°.  I have been up and down since then and he has had some medicine and a bottle of milk so I’m hoping it’s not going to be a long night!

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