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After the Hubby gave Spud some very fetching hairstyles in the bath last night, we decided it was about time we got his hair cut.  He spent his first 18 months bald (hence the name Spud) so his hair is very precious to me!  The Hubby would quite happily get some clippers out and give him a grade 1 but knows that I will actually kill him if he did it!  Spud had his first hair cut at his 2nd birthday party which was just a little trim so today was his first trip to the proper Barbers! She started asking me about clippers and grades and I’m stood there ready to rip him out of the chair and run away screaming, but calmly ask her just to neaten it up and leave as much on top as possible!  Spud was an absolute angel, he sat in the chair with the cape on and watched her chop his hair off.  I could see his little eyes scanning the scissors so I’m hoping he doesn’t find any at home and attempt to give Spike a trim!  I assumed all toddlers threw tantrums about sitting still and having people fuss over their head but Spud was totally lapping up the attention and was thrilled with his lollipop. He looks so grown up now! His speech has been fantastic recently, I want to record it all and go and shove it in the face of the Health Visitor that said he was a “concern.”  He chats away and we can understand about 80% of what he is saying and being a typical 2 year old he is picking up things from us now.  He was stood at the top of the slide today and shouted at the top of his lungs “OH MY GAWWWD!” before giggling and sliding down.  He then phoned his Nana and told her that he had 2 stars and that he had been given a haircut.  It’s mind boggling to think that he started off as two little cells and that I created him! Me! I made this amazing little human being!  Well with a little help from the Hubby, I can’t really take all the credit! Spike is his usual happy self and today finally rolled from his front to his back!  We no longer have to endure the frustrated screams when he gets stuck on his front after putting himself there.  His day naps are still awesome, both yesterday and today he slept past his bottle and we ended up waking him so that we could fit it in and so that he would be tired enough to go to bed at 7pm.  Night time sleep hasn’t been that great, he seems to alternate good and bad.  One night 7-7 another he will be awake for over an hour and wake up more than once.  I think I preferred knowing that I wasn’t going to get all night in bed rather than going to bed hoping that I might get my 8 hours! The Postie came baring gifts today which always brightens my day, it’s about 500 times better than when he brings me a bill!  We have a very exciting product being sent to us very soon, I sent off the bits for it today so it should be made early next week sometime and I will be snatching the hand off the postman when he brings it for me, thats for sure!  Just a boring update from us today, I’m trying to work out photo and video editing so need all my motivation and concentration for that.
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