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We were extremely thrilled to receive a Pourty to try out now that we are entering the dreaded exciting potty training stage with Spud.  We have had a few potties littering out house for the past year to try and get Spud used to the idea and for him to try out at his leisure.  He doesn’t really like the standard shaped potty and spends the whole time wriggling to get comfortable and often ends up falling off and tipping the potty over.  This was one of my biggest reservations when I first opened the parcel that the Pourty came in.  My first observation was that it was a lot more solid that any potty of similar size and shape.  The thick plastic makes it very sturdy and so far even with Spud being silly and pretending to fall off of it we haven’t had any tipping.

He was very interested in his new Pourty and immediately wanted to give it a whirl.  I was worried that the gap out the back would compromise the support but it is shaped in such a way that the sitting child doesn’t even notice that there is a hole.  The two sides surrounding the ‘spout’ give ample support even to Spud who spent a lot of the time leaning back against the wall!  The carry handle is very good for disposing it as it makes the Pourty stable and means that the contents don’t slosh about like they do in a standard potty.  It makes the whole event much easier and a lot more hygienic.  The pouring system is great, the contents go straight down without any spilling over the edge or completely missing the toilet!

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With potty training a boy a splash guard is essential for us.  We have found with other potties of a similar shape the splash guard is always adequate but leaves enough space for Spud to be able to play with see his boy bits which are far more fascinating that the task at hand.  With the Pourty the splash guard is high which stops him from being distracted and also saves my floors from little accidents!

The Pourty retails at £9.99 but considering I paid £6.99 for a Supermarket own brand standard potty it’s not bad at all.  They are available from these retailers.

Overall a great product and total value for money.  I can see why it wins lots of awards and look forward to using it throughout our potty training adventure!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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