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Our playroom is really just a big hallway. Our living room is quite small so having the toys out in another room is a bonus. It’s had posters up to make it less bland but I get bored easily especially when they keep falling down! The other day, on a whim, I decided to decorate. I went off to get Spud’s poster paints with the intention of doing hand prints every where! On the way back from the craft box I realised that a 2 year old and a 6 month old wouldn’t be very good at providing neat hand prints on the wall and that I’d probably get in a lot of trouble with the Hubby!

Instead I went back to the drawing board. Today I made a decision and we got decorating!


Spud made 32 footprints!  I was like the Gestapo.  “Hold mummy, left/right foot, down, don’t move, don’t wriggle, stop moving your toes, up!”  Imagine that 32 times!  Poor Spud!  Luckily he had fun and even said it was “ammazzzzing!” which made me chuckle, plus I rewarded him with a Playdoh session afterwards!

I spent dinner time cutting them all up!

Decorating time!!

I will stick them properly tomorrow but I ran out of Blu Tack!

I didn’t want to leave Spike out but decided he wouldn’t be so compliant so just did one foot and a hand and put them with matching Spud prints under the mirror.

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