Project Playroom Part 2

Written by Lauren on. Posted in General

Yesterday we embarked on Project Playroom.

I couldn’t stick them up properly because I ran out of Blu Tack and when I came down this morning they had all curled up on themselves!  I was already worrying about toddler hands ripping them off the wall so started to consider that perhaps it wasn’t my brightest idea.

Then the light bulb in my head turned on!  I have a laminator!  So this afternoon was spent taking them off the wall, laminating them, cutting them up and then putting them back on the wall with my newly purchased wad of Blu Tack.

I think they look tons better and if Spud starts ripping them off the wall it doesn’t matter because he won’t be able to screw them in a ball and throw them at me like he normally does with something I stick on the wall!


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