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WIN – Axil the Coolfan!

Written by Lauren. Posted in Competitions

You may remember that we were lucky enough to review a Coolfan

A few weeks on and this is one of our essential products, we use it at least three times a day and I would be totally lost without it! We had very limited luggage space for our stay at my parents house but I took some of MY shoes out of the bag and swapped them for my Coolfan!

The lovely people at Coolfans have offered one of you lucky people their very own Axil Coolfan! Axil, in my opinion, is the coolest of the gang and Spud always shouts for him at tea time.


All you have to do leave a comment saying “I want to win an Axil Coolfan with Spud and Spike!” here and here then pop back onto this post and comment below saying you have done so!


The Blog comment validates your entry so make sure that you remember to do it.

For one bonus entry tweet “I want to win an Axil Coolfan with @spudandspike!”

For one bonus entry “Follow” this Blog on Network Blogs

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Ensure that you include any bonus entries in your validation comment!

The competition will run until midnight on 10th August 2011.  The winner will be chosen using a random number generator and will be announced on here on the morning of 11th August 2011.

Good Luck everyone!

Review – Brother Max Weaning Bowl

Written by Lauren. Posted in Baby Products, Reviews

The lovely people at Brother Max sent us a weaning bowl to have a play with and see what we thought.

When I first opened it, I was surprised at the size.  It looks quite big in comparison to some weaning bowls and I was impressed that it would last me a while.  Spud can no longer use a lot of baby bowls as his portions just don’t fit in them.

Externally the bowl has a secure lid and removable suction base for attaching it to the highchair or table.  The lid has a covered section that when opened revealed two heat sensitive weaning spoons.  I thought this was a great idea because they are kept with the food and when they are dirty after feeding on the go you can simply pop them back into the lid and there won’t be any mess.  They also change colour if the food is too hot for the baby which is a brilliant feature for hygienic feeding.  The lid itself has steam vents so that you can heat the food with the lid on preventing splatters making a mess inside the microwave.

I took the lid off and came face to face with my favourite feature.  It has a removable two section divider.  Spike has sweet and savory at tea time and I always have to use two bowls and heat them up separately. This way I can put food in each side and heat them up together saving me a lot of time.  If I go out I don’t have to worry about his fruit pot or yoghurt exploding in my bag because I can empty it into the bowl with his food before we leave.  The divider is held in securely due to it’s shape but also removes quickly and easily if you want to use the full sized bowl.  Without the divider in the bowl is more than big enough for Spud’s dinner so it really is a product that will last beyond early weaning. The rim of the bowl has a little lip on which aids mess free feeding by catching the food from the spoon when you scrape off the excess.

The bowl boasts a wrap around handle with easy hold thumb hole which means when Spike bashes the bowl mid feed it remains securely in my hand rather than flying across the room.  The suction base is supposed to stop this from happening during self feeding but like a lot of products that do this, it just wouldn’t stick on the highchair tray.  It worked a lot better on my wooden dining table but Spike’s highchair doesnt enable him to sit close enough to use it this way.

Overall a fantastic product that we have used nearly everyday since it arrived.  The lid is so secure that my bag remains spotless and the two section divider saves me a lot of space and worry.  Thank you Brother Max for a truly brilliant product!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

We’re on our holibobs!

Written by Lauren. Posted in General

On Sunday the boys and I packed our bags and jumped on a train to come and stay with my parents for a week or two. The Hubby has work and we haven’t seen them since my Great Grandmother died so I thought it would be a nice break for us.

It was very daunting taking a baby and a toddler on a train on my own and we did have some hiccups during the journey due to some extremely ignorant people but we got through it relatively unscathed and very grateful to the few people that did take pity!

Spud adores going to see his Nana and Pops. It gets him more excited than Thomas the Tank Engine or Mickey Mouse and that’s saying something! My Dad met us on the platform and Spud was slightly confused when he saw him and you could see something click with him and he became extremely hyper and very very chatty. He spent the whole car journey asking for Nana and their 3 dogs. My toddler that needs a 3 hour nap every day completely skipped sleeping that day and spent it running around and discovering all of his toys that he had forgotten about.

I love visiting Nana and Pops – I get a relatively easy time of it because everyone wants baby cuddles and their own share of dirty bottoms and snotty noses. I also get fed. Don’t get me wrong, I get fed at home and enjoy the food but everyone knows nothing beats a mothers cooking. I arrived on Sunday to the smell of roast pork. I literally started drooling when my mum opened the door. She likes to treat me, I am her baby, so she made me my favourite meal with all of my favourite vegetables and awesome crackling. As my Facebook friends will have seen – I ate so much I felt sick! We also discovered a rather sizeable pile of clothes for the boys from my nan which I love because it helps us out a great deal.

On Monday I had the Huggies Shoot so left Spike with my mum and nan. They haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with him since he was born so it was nice for them to have some bonding time.  When we first got here Spike was petrified of the 3 labradors.  He hasn’t had much contact with dogs and he was far from happy about it.  We think that he was just a bit overwhelmed as he has now decided they are his best friends!

Spud and I got home early enough from London for him to have an epic nap and I did my usual trick of disappearing off to the shops.  When I stay here I love jumping in the car sans children and just mooching around.  I don’t get to do it any other time  and its one of the simple things that I miss about my pre-baby life.

Today we went shopping.  We had to take Spud to try on some Page Boy outfits and wanted to look around the sales for an outfit suitable for Spike to wear to the wedding.   Nana and Pops love to spoil the boys.  Apparently as Grandparents it’s their job and I certainly have no complaints!  Pops gave Spud a £10 this morning so we had to go and spend that in the Early Learning Centre and Spud was treated to a soft play book as well as lots of shorts and ti shirts.  We saved all of Spud’s clothes but discovered that as he was born a whole season ahead of Spike all the clothes we have are unsuitable for the weather.  When we got home I went out to see a friend and came back to be told Spike had done the mother of all poo explosions whilst I was out (good timing son, thank you hehe!)  He has been really grumpy and clingy today due to his teeth so as soon as I got home I had to put him in the Mei Tai as he just wasn’t happy about being away from me at all.  It’s odd for me to have a baby like this because Spud never wanted to be held at this age!

He did let my mum give him his bedtime bottle whilst Spud went to the park with Pops and he fell asleep for her which meant she got lovely lovely sleepy baby cuddles, the type that mean you don’t ever want them to wake up or put them down!

Once the boys were both in bed, I got to choose our dinner so I choose Kebab.  We can’t get a tasty Kebab at home, no where seems to be able to do a good job, so I always look forward to a nice greasy kebab and chips when I come up here.  It was so yummy…..

My train ticket is an open return so I haven’t decided when to go home yet, I am kind of dreading the train journey but will want to see the Hubby soon so will have to leave the spoiling and yummy food eventually!

The Huggies Shoot

Written by Lauren. Posted in Huggies Potty Training Challenge

We are taking part in the Huggies Potty Training Challenge and received a very exciting email last week – Spud and I had been invited to join Huggies for the filming of their potty training guide.

They have joined forces with child psychologist Emma Kenny and potty training expert Heather Welford to create six short films which will outline the key points of the six steps within the “PULL-UPS® Guide to Potty Training”

It was a very early start with us with our car arriving at 7.30am to take us to London.  Unfortunately for me they turned up early, just as I was spooning in my first mouthful of cornflakes.  I had thrown my hair up and slapped on a little bit of make up in my sleepy state knowing that they would have a make up artist on set!  We got stuck in a little bit of traffic but soon arrived at a lovely house in Fulham.  It had the most gorgeous stained glass windows in the front door and had everybody wishing that they lived there.

Off I trotted to hair and make up whilst the lovely ladies from Huggies entertained Spud who was lapping up the attention. Spud went on to have his hair and make up done (aka a nose wipe and hair ruffle) and then we were shown the script.

If I’m honest I was pooping myself!  I can be quite shy especially if I’m supposed to “perform” in front of strangers but everyone made me feel totally at ease and as it was more about Spud than me I was happy to let him be the star!  I really didn’t think that he would want to do as he was asked.  He is only 2 years old after all and certainly knows his own mind.  As soon as the camera was on he became a little actor.  He was LOVING the attention and started to show off.  The film crew were extremely pleased with him and a lot of the scenes were done in one or two takes.

We can’t wait to see the finished product and Huggies have promised that when they have some edited clips they will send them to us to give you all a sneak peak!

 We were lucky enough to meet Emma Kenny.  She was there for the whole day and is such a lovely lady.  She offered us lots of advice and assured me that everything we were doing was right and that I just had to be consistent and continue with it.  I left feeling a lot more confident about the whole process and really quite excited about properly potty training him without trying to find an excuse not to do it!  We were asked to have a chat on camera which was unbelievably nerve racking.  Instead of picturing everyone in their underwear I decided ignoring everyone was probably my best bet and just had a chat with Emma as if we were back in the kitchen again!

We’d like the thank Huggies and Emma for such a great day, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Spud spent the whole trip home telling the driver what he had been up to!  Once we were home he recounted it all to Nana and then had a truly epic nap.

You can follow see the rest of our potty training journey by clicking this link: The Huggies Potty Training Challenge