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I’m feeling all nostalgic today!

4 years ago I met my Hubby.  We were both very different people back then and even though it doesn’t sound very long, so much has happened since that it feels like an entire lifetime.

I can (but won’t bore you with it!) tell you the day that I met my Hubby in full detail right down to what we were wearing and silly conversations that we had, he certainly had an impact on me.

I was working as a Nanny at the time in a lovely little village (where the Vicar of Dibley and Midsommer Murders were filmed and where the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang windmill resides.) My boss was extremely nice and let him stay in my flat (on the sofa before you think badly of me you dirty minded people!) and come to work with me as long as I did the jobs properly and he wasn’t that much of a distraction.  He wasn’t a distraction to me but certainly made my job easier!  The three children I looked after loved him, especially the baby girl.   Our first official date was an 8pm picnic at the Windmill.

About a month later I went on holiday with them and it was one of the hardest weeks of my life, I just wanted to see him or speak to him but my phone bill would have been horrendous.  We joked around via text for a lot of the holiday, deciding baby names and what our wedding would be like.   Somehow the joke about marriage went on and on and we both got to the stage where we were trying to make the other one chicken out.  He picked me up from the airport in his Uniform and said we were going to Gretna.  I was the one that chickened out, purely because my mother would have killed me!  We then had an absolutely awesome Summer together.

My parents had a big party on the Bank holiday weekend in August and we told my mum about our wedding joke.  Surprisingly she told me that I had to marry him.  So that was that we were getting married.

On December 1st 2007 I married my soul mate.

We have our ups, including two absolutely amazing babies and we have had some pretty horrific downs but have found the strength to work through things together. We get a lot of criticism but it is nobody else’s business and nobody knows what happens behind closed doors.  He can piss me off something rotten but he can also make me feel like I’m walking on cloud 9.  He makes me laugh every single day and his cheeky grin gets me every time.  I Love you Hobble and have had an amazing 4 years, here’s to forever.

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