“Mummy where’s Baby?!”

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A few weeks back I posted the thread Brotherly Love about the somewhat dodgy start to Spud and Spike’s relationship.  In there I said that we had a helpful, loving big brother but that still had a few blips when he was tired or just being stubborn.

Well now we have two brothers that absolutely adore each other!

Spike thinks the sun shines out of Spud and if he gets even a tiny bit of attention from him he has the biggest smile imaginable.  He cracks out the most amazing giggles when Spud laughs and lets him do whatever the heck Spud wants to him.

Spike is now never without a toy in his hand because Spud sees him empty handed and will run over and dig something out for him and today they shared a very sweaty sock that Spud had found.  I was asleep and Hubby thought that them sharing was just too cute to stop.

Spud is now very rarely anti baby.  He gives kisses and cuddles and asks to feed him and wants to carry him everywhere.  I know longer wake up to the sound of Spud at his door shouting “SHHH BABY!” and then spend my day hearing “NO BABY” over and over like a broken record.  If Spud doesn’t know where the baby is, he gets most concerned.  The most surprising aspect of it all was when he asked baby to sit next to him when he Skyped his Nana and Pops.

This morning Spud woke at a fairly reasonable hour but Spike was still asleep.  I took him into my bedroom and we had a great time watching videos and looking at photos on the iPhone as well as drawing on his etch-a-sketch.  After about 15 minutes he started to look on the bed for Spike.  He was going “Mummy where’s Baby? MUMMY MUMMY MUMMMMMMYYY!!” When Spike finally woke up Spud ran in there with shouts of “ooh Baby there you are! hello Baby!”

After lunch both boys went out into the garden (Spike in his baby walker) and I went into the kitchen to tidy up and supervise through the window.  I leant down to close the dishwasher and heard a shriek of laughter and the sound of rattling wheels.  Spud had discovered that Spike could move!

After such a shaky 6 months it’s moments like that really make me glad that my boys are going to grow up close in age.

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