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The lovely people at MAM heard about our dummy problem (the shield was marking Spike’s face as he was sucking it so hard!) and offered to send us their innovative “Soft Soother.”

The basic idea is that it is a teething soother.  It has their trade mark “Silk Teat” which is softer than standard silicone and it has a textured, anti-slip surface which must feel nice in his little mouth and enables him to keep the dummy in but also has fantastic teether edges for him to chew on.  As with all MAM soothers the teat is Orthodontic shaped and adapts to the babies mouth meaning that there is no worry about the soother causing any sort of developmental issues to the mouth and jaw.

When they arrived and I saw them in the flesh I was very pleased, it is such a simple yet brilliant idea.  Spike already takes his dummy out and chews on the plastic so giving him a dummy that offered proper soft teething structures was ideal.  The colours and designs are gorgeous, like with every MAM product that I have encountered.

I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t like it because the shield (plastic part) appears to be flatter than the nice curved shape of the MAM Original dummy that he was used to.  He popped it in his mouth and took to it like he had been using it all along.  When he discovered the teething edges he was in his element.  The look on his face was priceless as he expected thin, hard plastic which he could never get a true grip on with his sore gums but he was faced with nice, soft, soothing rim.

My only tip would be not to let your baby put it in their mouth with baby food on their cheeks, Spike managed to grab his off the table after a messy serving of carrot puree and the white rims have become a little discoloured where the Beta Carotene (a natural colouring often found in vegetables) has stained them.  However I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be noticeable on any of the non-white versions of the soother.

Overall this is a truly fantastic product, I never forget to take a box of dummies with me but often forget toys and teethers so if Spike is having a bad day with his teeth he always has something to chomp on.  He likes them so much that I went out and purchased some spares!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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