Listography – 5 Things I want to do this Summer

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Welcome to our first ‘Listography!’

This week Katetakes5 is sorting out the new Netmums Bloggers Network (check it out it’s great!) so Keith at the Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad has stepped in!

1. Save some money.

Well I’m starting with the most difficult task! Spud won’t have Creche 3 times a week as they break up for Summer so theoretically we will be spending more money, even if it’s just on fuel! I am determined to start saving some money, having no proper savings is our biggest downfall. Every time we start and get a nice sum for a rainy day, something happens. Be it the car needing a new part, our bed breaking or just a ‘skint’ month something always eats our money!

2. Potty Train Spud.

We have dabbled with potty training for about a year. At Easter I did start but gave up after the first day because he kept getting frustrated every time i asked him if he wanted to go for a wee. I have used Creche as an excuse not to start it and in the holidays I no longer have it as an excuse so WILL get him out of nappies!

3. Take both boys swimming regularly.

Last Summer i started taking Spud weekly and he loved it. We moved house and I never got around to taking him and then Spike was born which was yet another obstacle in my way. I have said for about a month that we both will take them on one of Hubby’s days off so it’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list!

4. Go to the Beach.

We live in a Seaside town so it makes sense to go to the Beach right?!

5. Sort out the baby stuff.

The pile of baby paraphenalia and too small clothes just keeps growing. I really don’t want to sort it out because the Hubby wants me to sell it rather than keep it where as I see that as a sign of defeat about baby number 3! I haven’t even told him that I want to keep the infant car seat that came with our new pram ‘just in case!’


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