Hot Hot Hot

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Wow what a scorcher! The Hubby was at work with the car today so my lovely friend came and picked us all up and spent the morning in her garden testing out her new 10ft trampoline which she built on her own last night!  That’s some mean feat I remember when the Hubby was building our tiny one that it looked like a nightmare to construct. Spud had a whale of a time because he loves spending time with his little friends.  Spike was able to lay in the shade on a picnic blanket watching palm tree leaves wriggle above his head.  All in all a lovely morning!  E gave Spud an ice-pole to which he took one bite and went “oh mummy COLD!”  How do you explain to a two year old that that’s the whole point?! We came home just after lunch when it had started to get really hot and everyone had a nap (including me!)  Sod’s law being what it is nobody woke me up.  At 4pm I woke with a start and realised that Spike was an hour and a half late for his bottle and only 30 minutes away from his tea time!  I rushed off to get his milk and Spud decided to rise from his pit and went to wake Spike up for me.  All I could hear down the monitor was “OOOOH BEBEEEEEEE!” followed by a shriek of laughter from Spike.  It is so cute seeing them together now, Spike thinks his brother is amazing and just stares and smiles at him all the time.  Now that he is a lot more interactive Spud takes more of an interest and we have had plenty of games of peekaboo between them today. After a rush to get everyone downstairs and properly awake we decided that tea time would wait for today and we took a stroll up to the shop.  Well I did, the Hubby had also taken Spike’s pram so I was left with the double.  Spud being Spud won’t walk if there is an alternative.  To be fair I don’t think many people would!  A late tea and a late bath just wasn’t acceptable to the boys who despite their late nap and huge snacks wanted it all on time so we had a dodgy 90 minutes trying to get it all sorted.  They only went to bed 15 minutes later than normal even though I was prepared to put them down an hour late!  Who am I to complain? I got to put my feet up earlier than I anticipated which is always a bonus! Here’s hoping the weather stays this way as tomorrow and that it won’t be a typical British Summer that lasts for just 24 hours!  We are hoping to let Spud play outside so that we can do a spot of D.I.Y.  I can already foresee a Blog title for that debacle.
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