Fool Proof?

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I want to say Spud is spoilt but I don’t want you envisaging a screaming little spoilt brat that gets everything he demands so I will phrase it as “we like to treat Spud every now and then.”  To be honest it’s more now than then but you get my drift.

When he was a baby it was bad, he was our first baby so every parent knows what that is like!  I had him on my own most of the time because the Hubby lived away so I was constantly buying things without anybody arguing about it.  I didn’t think it was a substitute for the fact that Daddy wasn’t there until Hubby went away with work.  The day Hubby left I felt terrible and took Spud shopping where he got a great bag full of toys.  I felt incredibly guilty that he would spend the next 12 weeks without seeing or even speaking to his Daddy.  I was constantly told that Spud had enough and didn’t need half the stuff I got for him but I enjoyed giving him new things!  He was too young to understand that when we went out he got something and he never kicked up a fuss if we left somewhere empty handed.  Luckily we started living with the Hubby and stopped being able to afford to waste money at around the age when he would have started to question it.

Spud at 8 months - only 1 month before Xmas

Spud at 8 weeks - his first bout of toys

Spud at 7 months - yet more new toys

He doesn’t get upset if we don’t get him something that he asks for.  In fact the other week we went shopping and he picked up a Choco Dip, I told him to put it back and good as gold he put it right back where he found it.  We paid and as we were leaving a lady that witnessed the incident handed him a Choco Dip that she had purchased for him because he had been such a good boy.  He still gets a big treat every so often but what I am really blogging about is the dreaded trip to the local shop with rows and rows of chocolate and sweets!  Now he usually always asks for a treat when we go to pick up random essentials and like a lot of parents we threw a chocolate bar or bag of haribo down on the counter for him.  The last month of so it has dawned on me how much sugar he was actually eating and then I was told about a 5 year old that we know, having to undergo general anesthetic to have 4 teeth removed due to decay from too many sweets.  This has terrified me.  Spud doesn’t eat an excessive amount of sugar, one or two biscuits a day, a small chocolate bar every other day.  We brush his teeth twice a day which for a while was a struggle but now he lets us get to every tooth.  His teeth look perfect.  But there is still a nagging feeling in my head.

So the last time we were at the local shop I picked him up a packet of stickers when he asked for sweets.  They were Lightning McQueen so of course he wanted them instead and all thoughts of sweets evaporated.  They cost the same, if not less, than the packet of chocolate buttons that he wanted.  He loved them so much that the Hubby and I decided that perhaps it was a brilliant idea.  Fool proof perhaps?!  A lot of you are probably asking “well why don’t you just say no?” But I like treating him, I love his reaction when he gets something nice, he doesn’t expect it and he certainly deserves it because for a two year old he is far from terrible!

I went to the big Newsagent and got him the sticker album which he adores and we spent some time putting in his stickers.  It’s very precious to him and the only thing he owns that he will not let near Spike!

It came with a large double sided poster, one side for the special sparkly rare stickers and the other a picture of the characters.  He has insisted that it go on the playroom wall and shouts all the names of the vehicles at it when he’s playing!

Today we went to the local shop and he asked for stickers and not sweets, I think the woman behind the counter who knows him nearly fell off her chair!  If this continues I will be ecstatic, I don’t want him ending up addicted to chocolate like I am and I certainly don’t want him to have bad teeth!

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