“What’s gotten into you?!”

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I’ve never done baking with Spud before.  You will have gathered from a previous entry that I don’t bake very often ever.  Now that Spike has started napping in his cot I have been trying to engage Spud in quiet activities for 45 minutes or so in the morning so that he doesn’t disturb his brother who is always afraid that he’s missing something.

Today much to the Hubby’s surprise (more comments of “what’s gotten into you?!) I decided to let Spud help me bake.  I am a total control freak and perfectionist so letting a 2 year old loose on MY cakes was a daunting prospect.  Luckily he did really well – he’s my budding chef.

You’ll have to excuse the decor, the industry that Hubby works in has suffered a lot of cuts recently and they can’t won’t update our drab 1970’s kitchens!

He soon got bored so I let him help to unload the dishwasher.

 At last they were ready!

 By this time Spike was awake so we went to go and do some colouring whilst the cakes cooled.  I left him to two minutes and came back to this:

 At least he found something to occupy himself!  The cakes were now cool enough to decorate and Spud informed me that he would quite like them to be “mishy mowse cecks,”  Who am I to argue?!

 So there you go, the woman that doesn’t bake, did it again!

And now for the seal of approval:

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