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Today the boys and I went to a group called “Stay and Play.”  It’s at the community centre when Spud goes to creche and is basically a craft session where they children require supervision.  I love going to this group because there isn’t the usual clichéy group of mothers sat in a corner that look down on you when you walk in and then proceed to ignore you for the agonising 90 minutes that the group lasts.  That delightful group of women do go to this group but because it’s so interactive it’s easy to just get on with things and have fun with the children.  That aspect also makes it a lot easier to start conversations with mothers near by as when they aren’t all huddled together they are pretty decent people! Spike slept in his new pram for most of the group, I instantly regretted taking it with me!  Why did I take a brand new, shiny, clean pram to a CRAFT group?  It was swarmed by sticky, chalky, glitter covered hands all trying to “stroke baby” which in layman’s terms means they were trying to steal his Sophie le Giraffe! Spud had a ball!  We don’t do craft activities at home very often because by the time I’ve set things up he’s gone off the idea and I’m stood there all aproned up ready to get my paint on whilst he’s shouting “NO mummy – gardey/choochoo/car/insert here anything else that may have grabbed his attention!” As Fathers day is coming up we started by making a card using sticky foam shapes and glitter.  We were then given a huge chocolate shaped man to decorate with icing which Spud thought was ridiculous.  He wanted to eat it not decorate it!  Next came cut out fish shapes, pva glue and coloured sand, some chalk drawings and then what can only be described as a shaving foam fight.  This group costs me £2 a time which is fantastic!  The amount of materials that we use and the amount of snack that they get given at the end, far  exceeds any total that could have been made from the 7 or so mums that go.  An added bonus, which is a VERY good one, is that I don’t have to clean up the mess or worry about my carpets/walls/furniture! Spike is finding new ways of moving every day.  He has now learnt that he can spin on his tummy to change his direction and has been trying desperately to push himself forwards with his legs to reach things.  I really don’t think he is going to be long at all!  Where is my tiny baby going?!
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