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I never knew that getting a sticker could be that exciting to a two-year old.  After watching a Supernanny episode at the weekend where their child was using food as a control mechanism I mentioned to the hubby that maybe we should try a reward chart for Spud at meal times as they often turn into arguments. On Monday he was refusing his sweet and sour (he’s never been much of a rice fan) and I asked him if he wanted a sticker.  His face lit up and he exclaimed “YEAH YEAH YEAH!” so I came back at him with “Well eat your dinner then.” WELL he absolutely wolfed it down!  He was pulling faces as each mouthful was inserted but soon ate most of his dinner and was extremely excited when I gave him a gold star.  We both sat together and made a plate shaped reward chart complete with Spud scribbles (which I am told is “seer-wee-al”) and a mummy drawn fork and spoon!  Tuesday was his favourite dinner so of course he was ecstatic to also get a sticker with that. Wednesday night we were able to put the opposite result into practice.  After many attempts at bribing him with a sticker he still refused his food so he didn’t get the sticker.  This was his reaction: Poor little fella! Tonight we were back to a sticker being worth eating for and he got himself a shiny red star!  For his dessert tonight he was very lucky to have one of my fairy cakes from yesterday which he thoroughly enjoyed! It created a lot of mess but I heard lots of “mmmmmm, yummy, nice!” so was very pleased that I had impressed him, we went up to the bath covered in chocolate and being his usual cheeky self he managed to have me in stitches with this:
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