Silly mummy!

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What a cruddy day! The weather is awful AGAIN. It looks and feels like we are in November not June! It was a day inside for us today. We were playing trains all morning (one of Spud’s favourite past times!) We had a yummy omelet lunch and the boys both went for naps in their beds, pretty mundane stuff to blog about really! I decided that Saturday should be my day off from housework so started cracking on with the Blog due to our address change. About an hour later Spike decided he wanted to get up so I had him sat in the bumbo on the table chomping on teethers (I’m a slave driver!) He loved being at that height and I was actually able to get things done! Usually I have to wait until they are both in bed at night to get anything productive done. I was tickling his feet and singing songs to him whilst he laughed his little head off! I did get caught on camera being silly though! Fingers crossed that the little blighter starts sleeping properly, we have had a few very rough nights and I think the Hubby is ecstatic to be going back to work on Monday!! He has been waking as we have been going up to bed so last night we went up in the dark, on tippie toes only to discover that Spud’s blind had fallen down! There we were at 11pm in the pitch black trying to put a roller blind up quietly. It’s safe to say we failed. Both boys ended up wide awake. Spud just looked at us like we were crazy and rolled over. If only Spike was that easy!
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