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As you will have seen Spike is teething!  Like most parents we are trying everything to help sooth the pain.  The lovely people at MAM sent us a little parcel with a Cooler Teether and the Bite and Play Teether (review will be avaliable to read soon!) from their innovative teether range for us to try out.

To create the range, MAM designers worked with developmental psychologists so that their teethers not only sooth gums but also stimulate the senses and encourage active learning.  They have teethers to suit all ages but the two I chose were specifically for the stage that Spike is at.  They are brightly coloured and fun, easy shapes for babies to hold but also have a lot of different textures on them to give the baby a choice of soothing solutions.

When the Cooler Teether first arrived Spike wasn’t that interested in it.  He gave it a little nibble but as it’s not an exciting toy like a lot of the teethers that you can get and it didn’t make any sound when he shook it he soon let it fall to the floor.  Once discarded, I popped it in the fridge and decided to give it a whirl at another time.  A few hours later I gave it to him again, but cold, and boy did he love it!!  He went to town chomping away, moving from one bit to the next before going back to the first one again.  Since then he has been chomping on it most days and today when I took him out in the pram I really liked how it co ordinated with his dummy due to the funky use of MAM colours!

The unique shape of the water filled section means that the molars at the back get the cool relief but Spike has been using it in all areas of his mouth and likes the textures on his tongue because I’ve caught him licking it a fair few times!

Sometimes Spike’s hand-mouth co ordination can be a little hit and miss to say the least but the Cooler Teeth has an upwardly curved ring so that it makes a nice angle for him to get his mouth onto it without too much effort.  The textures on the ring also give him something to do with his hands whilst he’s chomping away as he explores the dips and ridges with his fingers.

One thing that has always worried me about “water filled” teethers was what they contained.  Obviously having Spud in the house means that if he gets his hands on it hes likely to bite straight through, filling his mouth with the “water.”  It is clearly stated in the leaflet that the water is purified and totally harmless which put my mind at ease.  It is also BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, it meets the EN71 requirements and carries the CE mark.  They are dishwasher safe so very easy to keep clean.

Overall it was a hit in our house, it’s simple yet effective and it is very easy for Spike to use on his own without him constantly dropping it.   I love the materials that it is made of, the soft materials mean that when Spike hits himself around the face with it we don’t get any tears and the colours are eye catching with a typical lovely MAM design.  With Spud I didn’t find a teether that he really loved and used and gave up buying them before I had ventured to MAM I really wish I had started with them as it probably would have been a fantastic solution for him as well.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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