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As you will have seen from previous posts, dinner time is not a favourite in this house.  Spud is a typical two year old and certainly knows how to test boundaries.  We had a disastrous relationship with food for a long time so it is often very difficult for me to keep my cool and if I lose it then he digs his heels in even further.  One of our biggest problems is the temperature of food.  If his first bite is even a little bit too warm he will refuse to eat any of it, even after it has cooled down.  Cue plates of food being put on the window sill with the window wide open or in the garden, bowls of food being put in the fridge or freezer, mummy and daddy standing there vigorously blowing (so hygienic!) to try and get his food cool enough so that we can all eat together.  Then we discovered the Coolfan.

Designed by a father suffering from the same issues as us the Coolfan is an ingenious invention that quickly and hygienically cools food down. It has soft blades that are child friendly and won’t harm even the smallest fingers as it has been made to approved CE standards.   The fan sits on the top easily and can be removed for cleaning.  The open design means that it can be left there whilst eating to distract fussy eaters and to make for easy stirring whilst initially cooling the food.

I was delighted when the lovely people at Coolfan sent us “Axil” to test and straight away put it to the test. It came with 2x AAA batteries already installed so I simply had to pop the fan on to the stand and hey presto we were off. I often heat Spike’s mush up and then spend ages stirring it to try and get it to the right temperature for him but popped it under the Coolfan whilst I got his drink ready and in that short time it was cool enough for him to eat. The hands free design is great as it means whilst the food is cooling you can get one with other things like making drinks, serving up other meals and laying the table.

Our first meal time was an absolute success, Spud loved it! He thought it was great fun seeing the blades whirring around and sticking his fingers in every now and then, he ate his whole meal without any fuss whatsoever which recently has become a rarity! The only issue that we have found is that the fan is quite close to the food so when Spud insists on it being there at the table he has to work around it to get his food, I did consider that it should be higher to cool a bigger area but it’s always the middle that is the hottest so the proximity isn’t actually an issue. In this house it also became a rather fetching hat for Daddy which also distracted our fussy eater but for a whole new bunch of reasons!

Coolfans retail for £9.99 (including batteries) which I think is an absolute bargain!  It comes in 4 different funky desgins each one as cute as the next. We no longer have to worry about our dinner going cold or stale in the oven whilst we wait for Spud’s to cool down and we aren’t blowing saliva and germs all over his food, which frankly just isn’t nice for him

A great big thumbs up from Spud for this mavellous product!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However, we did receive the product for review purposes. This post is my own honest opinion. For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.
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