Pure genius or pure denial?!

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I have been told about people “in the olden days” cutting the feet out of baby grows to get more wear out of them but I always moved Spud up a size when his feet started to scrunch up. Spike is growing far too fast for my liking! At 5.5 months his feet are scrunched in a 6-9 month baby grow. Tonight I dressed him and decided it had gone far enough and he needed to go into 9-12. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, he’s only been in 6-9 for 5 minutes. I went and got the scissors. That’s right, I cut the toes out of my giant baby’s pyjamas. I did feel quite pleased with myself and the thought that I had just saved us some money so I put some socks on him and we went downstairs to watch “mowwwwwsssse” (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and give him his bottle. I bumped into the hubby who saw his poor son and rolled his eyes. I was staring at his not so tiny feet as he drank his milk and battered me with the bottle lid and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. This poor boy is being subjected to looking like a tramp at bed time just because his mummy can’t get over the fact that he won’t always be her tiny baby! However, if he sleeps better tonight than he has for the past few nights then I will undoubtedly say it was because I “modified” his pjs! Today was a typical Tuesday. I left Spike with the hubby and took Spud to Stay and Play. He made a bird feeder with lard and seeds which he thought was disgusting. He squashed the lard once and looked at me like I’d asked him to touch hot coals! He then proceeded to pull face after face as I squashed and squished a big chunk of lard into a ball ready to be covered in seed. He decided that he would have a nibble of the seed to make sure it was tasty enough for the birds. He wasn’t too impressed by that and figured that he would have more fun in the sand pit so left me to it. We also made a big spinning flower and glitter bucket and spades which are going to decorate our kitchen to hide the drab 1970’s cupboards that we have been blessed with. He found it very exciting to hang the bird feeder and spent the best part of 15 minutes staring out the window to see if the birds were coming to eat it. Unfortunately none came and it was lunch time so he had to abandon his post. I personally think the feeder will be attacked by squirrels in the next few days which hopefully Spud will witness because he gets very excited about “wirrels” and jumps up and down meowing at them! Spud was also lucky enough to have a few friends around to play as well. I love seeing him share and show his friends his toys but it does mean that he gets EVERY toy out just to show it off and instead of putting it back it goes on the floor. His friends were very interested in Spike and Spud decided to claim ownership of the “bebee” and was giggling and showing off all of Spike’s tricks. This made me chuckle because when it’s just those two he often doesn’t give a monkeys what Spike is up to but anything to impress his little mates! After a busy, busy day it’s time to put my feet up and start learning a lot more about how to customise my Blog and master HTML code to make it better for everyone to read. I might even treat myself to some chocolate to help me concentrate!
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