On a whim

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I am a woman of impulse.  I don’t do much forward planning and if I get something in my head it has to be done right now.  As previously mentioned we go to a Craft group rather than do it at home but today whilst Spud was helping me to check my emails I thought it would be fun to draw around his hand.  He totally surprised me by holding still so of course I had to take it one step further!

Only 15 minutes before our dinner was going to be served I decided to draw around my two year old son!

He was a little unsure about when I was doing and kept pulling faces but went along with it anyway (much like his Father does when I get something into my head!)

It was a bit of a rush job but we now have a 93cm outline to decorate tomorrow!

Spud decided that it would be a brilliant idea to have a life-sized picture of Spike,  I was happy to oblige because it melts my heart when he wants to include his baby brother in things.

Unfortunately now that Spike can roll and because he was very interested in the pencil, it wasn’t a successful task but Spud found it funny none the less.

And of course all baby brothers get annoying after a while so Spud decided that Spike wasn’t allowed to play anymore, much to Spike’s disgust.

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