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I was far too busy yesterday to post an entry.  Spike slept from 7-6 without even waking for his dummy which was a total first!  I felt AMAZING after having an unbroken 7 hours sleep which led to a very productive day! When I was pregnant with Spike, I spent 9 months waiting for the “Nesting Instinct” to kick in.  Unfortunately it never materialised and a week away from his birth we still didn’t have the nursery set up properly and the house was in total disarray.  Well 5.5 months after his birth it arrived!  Yesterday I cleaned everything and I mean everything.  The hubby was very concerned to see me on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor.  Even after the boys went to bed last night, I was still cleaning and tidying even if it was already clean. Somehow we managed to fit a trip to the supermarket in and also a BBQ at my friend’s house.  There were 3 families there and not one baby girl! T&T have two boys, both about a year older than my two and E&T have a little boy about 6 months younger than Spud.  It was lovely watching them all play together and we stayed later than we usually would because they were having so much fun.  Spike’s tummy has been affected by the Amoxicillin and we had a fair few explosions yesterday so it was lucky that we only lived 5 doors away.  It sparked a conversation about how it’s much better to visit the houses of people that have children because they understand the poop and projectile vomit, you don’t have to apologise profusely about things that you can’t control whilst getting disgusted looks as you desperately try to clean up! T&T have their boys in extended rear facing car seats so it’s planted a seed in my mind.  I was already aware of ERF but hadn’t really been told or researched the reasons as to why its much safer than forward facing.  T&T are very passionate about it so I’ve been inundated with information.  I have lots of thinking to do.
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