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The above is exactly why I wanted to do reusable nappies.  We have two in nappies and the amount we use seems to have quadrupled rather than doubled!  The bin looks like that after bin day before we have even had a chance to fill our kitchen bin up.  When I was pregnant with Spud I looked into reusable’s but we could never justify the outright cost.  It was much easier for us to spread the cost over the weeks as we always had something expensive to buy like a pram, car seat and nursery furniture etc. When I fell pregnant with Spike, one of my first thoughts was that I wanted to do reusable.  I already had all the expensive stuff from his older brother.  Unfortunately the reusable nappy market baffles me!  There are so many different types that I could see it being an extremely expensive venture trying to find the best one that suited us so the idea got tossed aside. Perhaps if when we have baby number 3 I will do my bit to save the planet, especially now my eyes have been opened to just how vast and accessible the Internet really is.
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