Just another manic Monday

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I had big plans for an awesome post for today but have spent the past few hours (the only time I get to draft or write a post without being interrupted!) trying to get my Blog back to normal.  We got hacked.  I was so angry this morning, how dare some stupid immature being invade my blog and mess everything up?!  The page that was left in replacement of mine was ridiculous, there was even a made up rap song.  Hacking a small personal blog is so far from pointless it’s unreal.  It’s not like it caused that much disruption, it just caused my wonderful friend (Karina from Mum’s The Nerd) a lot of work trying to fix things and then me a couple of hours putting things back together.  It’s not like I am a huge corporation and it’s caused utter havoc.  Go and practice somewhere else you imbecile! Grrr anyway rant over. Yesterday was Father’s day and even though I was reminded the night before I forgot to get Spud to write the card!  We literally dumped Spike on Daddy at 7am (no lie In’s in this house!) and ran to the car where the card and present were stashed.  Trying to get a 2 year old to scribble in a card when there are more interesting things to play with, like windscreen wipers, is not an easy task! He ran back to the house with the bag of goodies and saw the Hubby in the kitchen making a brew, he sprinted as fast as he could shouting “DADDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEE!” and basically threw the things at him.  I was stood at the end of the hall cringing, knowing that there was a very breakable mug in the bag!  The Hubby was pleased with his treats and due to financial constraints (aka we are skint this month!) his biggest gift was not having to do anything all day long.  Unfortunately for him, he ended up cooking our roast.  Little requests from me like “Please put the pots on boil at twenty two” soon turned into “Can you get the chicken out, carve it, oh and serve it whilst you’re there!” whilst I sat playing with looking after the boys! We went for a lovely family walk afterwards which we do every weekend in the woods behind our house which leads me to leaving you with a lovely photo of Spud being inquisitive- I just love how exciting and interesting the small and simple things in the world are to the little people in my life.    
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