I’ve got that Friday feeling!

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It’s Friiiiiiiiiidayyyyy!!!! Facebook is full of excitable weekend status’ but to me it’s just the same as it being Tuesday or Wednesday! It would actually mean something if the hubby had a standard 9-5, Mon-Fri job but his shifts are so erratic that half the time I only know what day it is because of Spud’s creche! I did however use it as an excuse to eat a Crunchie bar, that’s right – I got that Friday feeling! I am quite excited for this weekend though because my parents will be back from their holidays and we have been invited to a BBQ at a friend’s house tomorrow afternoon. Let’s just hope the sun stays out! Spike ended up the Dr’s again today but has finally been prescribed some antibiotics. Trying to get cold, toxic coloured medicine into a 5 month old proved a lot harder than we anticipated and he ended up wearing a couple of doses of it after pulling faces and spitting it at us. Hopefully it will kick in nice and quickly and he will start to resemble a baby again rather than a 90-year-old that has been smoking 60 a day for most of his life! Spud surprised me today by having a conversation with an old lady in the chemist. Usually he goes quite shy when strange (older) ladies start smiling at him. With young ladies he is a total and utter flirt, showing off all his talents and being a right old charmer. Today he had a lovely chat about Thomas the Tank Engine and the paintings that he had done at creche whilst gripping tightly to my hand as if to say “don’t let her take me mummy!” I was so proud of him, he was so polite and lovely that I just wanted to squeeze him! My biggest worry when I was pregnant with him was that if he turned into a total horror then it was down to me and my parenting skills so when he acts like that it makes me feel like I have done a decent job. I read a debate on a forum about parenting “styles” today and it just makes me so sad that people get so judgemental about doing things certain ways. I have two happy, healthy children that are being raised with A LOT of love and they are never without anything – be it toys, clothes, food or cuddles. Why does it matter how I have gone about making them the children that they are? Why does it matter if I left them to cry or ran straight to them? Why does it matter if they were breast or bottle fed? We can’t look at two 5 year olds and say one is more intelligent than the other due to a certain parenting decision because there are so many other factors, such as genetics, that should be taken into account. Nobody can raise the same child twice to say what the best way to do things is so it shouldn’t be a topic for debate in the first place! I’m hoping to add some more reviews on here soon. The Jane Slalom Reverse needs a review, but I will probably choose some other products such as Sophie Le Giraffe, so watch this space!
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