It’s all go!

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It’s been very exciting! Firstly I’d like to welcome and thank everybody that has joined us in the past few days, it’s a pleasure to have you aboard! I have been working hard on the Blog and Facebook page today and we also signed up to Twitter! There are now photo albums on Facebook with our Reviews and Blog posts linked so that they can be found without having to search through numerous posts. It’s all boring admin to anybody else but I really enjoyed myself! The most exciting bit is that one of my best friends, who is an I.T genius, has set up our a Domain for us so we will have a brand new blog address and personalised email very soon! In other news – yesterday we received our Teething Bling pendant, which both boys took and instant like to, and then today we received two products from MAM. They have sent us a “Bite and Play” teether and a “Cooler” teether for Ollie to get his teeth in to! We are adding them to our test collection which also includes Sophie the Giraffe and a Tommee Tippee “Puzzle Teether Toy.” We are going to review them all and hopefully find out which one works the best for us! We introduced lunch for Spike and were strict about napping in his cot. Usually he only naps for 20 minutes maximum but today he had over an hour both times. I didn’t really know what to do with myself! Can everybody PLEASE keep their fingers crossed that it makes a very positive difference to his night-time sleep! Although it is the Hubby’s turn to get up tonight though so maybe keep them crossed for tomorrow night when it’s my turn! I will leave you with a photo Spike helping to update his Blog!
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