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I may as well start by introducing myself and my intentions for my blog. I’m Lauren – a 24-year-old stay at home mummy to Spud who is 2 and Spike who is 5 months.  My days are spent with my two gorgeous boys and I am so lucky that I get to watch every second of them growing up. This blog will mainly be about our day-to-day lives and the development of the boys, I take an endless amount of photographs so no doubt will feature some of them along the way. Since having the boys (and the recession hitting) I have started to research products a lot more before buying them to make sure they are exactly what we want and need, this blog will no doubt have some sort of reviews pop up every now and then.  I LOVE pushchairs: I am somewhat of a “buggy whore” and constantly bore my husband/friends/anybody with ears with news of the latest releases and spend endless hours dropping hints that we NEEEEEEED said pushchair! Anywho I think I have outlined my main intentions, I hope that you enjoy my ramblings 🙂  
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