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Half term is over so we are back into a decent routine.  Spud was back to Creche and he practically ran there!!  It’s nice to have a few toddler free hours a week to get the housework done, it means I can play with the boys instead of trying to busy them with something so that I can crack on.  Usually whatever I am doing Spud wants to help with which isn’t such a good thing when bleach and a toilet brush are involved! Unfortunately for the housework my new pram arrived so me and Spike spent the time putting it together and testing it out.  I’d like to say he was giggling because he was pleased that we got it for him but i think it was more because I was beaming with excitement and he picked up on it!  He did fall asleep very easily in it which is very unlike him recently so it must be nice and comfy. We walked up to collect Spud but that was our only outing with it so a review will follow after a little bit more use. We are doing the Sainsburys “Feed your family for £50” thing at the moment which is actually really good for us.  We were stuck in a food rut and ate the same meals over and over so now eat something different every night and so far its all been REALLY yummy!  We are also having exciting lunches rather than just boring ham or cheese sarnies!  Tonight we had Tuna Pasta bake which is one of my least favourite meals.  It was full of flavour and Spud ate loads which he doesn’t often do with new meals so all in all it was a success. The novelty of new words still hasn’t worn off for the hubby and I.  Spud pointed at our dinner and shouted “tomato” which totally took us by surprise, we both just beamed at each other and congratulated Spud on how much of a genius he is! It’s been a pretty typical day, bar the pram delivery.  Spike learnt to jump in the jumperoo which is hilarious, he looks so proud of himself as he’s bopping along chuckling away.  He’s also started shuffling backwards when he’s on his back by pushing up with his legs, this scares me!  I am quite happy with him being where I left him – a toddler AND a crawler only screams recipe for disaster!
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