“For my dinner nits!”

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Today Spud took his reward chart off the wall and we drove up to Asda to exchange it for something exciting! We decided that he probably needed to physically hand it over so that we didn’t have tears when we started a new chart and he saw that his stickers had all gone!  With a little gentle persuasion from me he chose a Playdoh set. I am amazed at how much he understands from things that I tell him.  I told him what our plan was right from the word go and he clutched his chart and his Playdoh in his hands whilst we got on with the rest of the shopping.  When we got to the checkout and the lady asked me for the money he handed over his chart with such an innocent and hopeful look on his face!  She played along with us and handed him his Playdoh to which she got the biggest thank you that I have ever heard from him! I sneakily put the reward chart in my bag so that I could put it in his memories box when we got home and we left with one very happy little boy! When we got home I told him to tell Daddy why he had been given a treat (not really expecting him to properly understand) and he said proudly “for my dinner nits!” (he uses the word nits instead of stickers and nuts instead of stuck!) He never ever fails to amaze me. The Playdoh went down very well.  After his nap we got it out and he played with it for over an hour and then ran straight to it after dinner.  It also resulted in a truly epic tantrum when it came time to put it away!

He was also very excited to make a new reward chart, so excited that I now have pink felt tip all up my dining room wall!

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