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I didn’t get a chance to add an entry last night because I went out with a friend and didn’t get back until late.  No hubby, no babies – just me and my friend!  I’m pretty sure the last time that happened was for Twilight New Moon, so November 2009 ish!!  We went to see X-Men First Class, which was brilliant!  I am quite often disappointed by prequels but it didn’t leave anything out and i didn’t walk away thinking “that’s not how it happens….” Today we woke up feeling good.  BOTH boys slept until 7 so much better than the 5.30-6 that it has been for the past two weeks!  Spike only woke for his feed which meant I actually got a pretty decent sleep.  Here’s hoping he does it again tonight because it’s daddy’s turn to get up with him so I should get a whole nights sleep. We all walked to the shops today which is rare so very nice.  We did make the mistake of letting Spud walk rather than take the double or his stroller.  Of course half way up the hill he decided that was it and he wanted to be carried.  Poor hubby ended up with a 2 stone toddler on his shoulders for almost 2 miles!  We are definitely going to invest in a buggy board for Spike’s new set of wheels, just to make life a little bit easier when we have a stubborn toddler on our hands! We got home just in time for lunch and decided that we would try to put Spud down for his nap earlier as he tends to do 3 hours and can often be found in bed at 4pm which makes it harder for him at night to drift off.  Of course he was an angel and went straight off to sleep (after laughing at us because the blind fell down AGAIN!) but less than 90 minutes later he was at his door banging and shouting to be let out.  By 4pm we had a very tired, very whiney, very defiant 2-year-old. Spike has yet another chesty cough.  It’s getting ridiculous now, just as one goes another rears its ugly head and we are back to square one.  At least he’s happy in himself though even with the constant coughing and bringing up most of his feeds.  I must say I am getting very good at catching baby sick!      
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