Bleurgh what a weekend!!

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Saturday was an absolutely glorious day, it was so so hot. Spud has never really been bothered by the heat but even he was suffering. Spike on the other hand is an extremely hot baby so add scorching temperatures and a house like a sauna and it’s a recipe for a very unhappy baby! He refused to sleep for most of the day and didn’t want to be held either so in turn spent most of the day crying. Its horrible when there is nothing you can do for them! Spud spoke to Nana and Pops on Skype who in his words have “Gone Matt’s plane to Nexus with the boycows moooo!” Roughly translated as they have gone to Texas on a plane to see my brother and some cowboys! Then I was struck by the dreaded tummy bug that has been doing its rounds. I have never felt so rough in my life! I’m glad the hubby wasn’t at work as I don’t know how today would have panned out if he was! I spent most of the day in bed listening to the boys playing up for Daddy with a little sense of happiness! He never believes me that they can be little devils when he comes home to find the house a tip and me tearing my hair out! They never take it in turns to be little monsters, if they are going to do it they do it together! Thankfully it’s not that often and most of the time they are total angels! On a side note I have a new pram coming this week! It “should” be my last because it’s the one ive wanted since Spud was tiny. I’ve saved up countless times but always found another use for the money. Then the hubby decided that he hates all the prams we have and would quite like a new one, who was I to say no?! So hopefully tomorrow i should be the proud owner of a Jane Slalom Reverse in colourway “green valley” – EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!
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