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Everyone is suffering today.  The kids and I all have colds and the Hubby did a night shift.  You can imagine how ratty everyone is!  We are all feeling pretty Blah.

Spike has had two nights of waking, probably because I jinxed it by Blogging about the fact that he had started sleeping through!  I am shattered!  I would quite like some sleep to shift my cold but it’s not to be!

We missed an Armed Forces Day event because of everyone (except me!) napping and because the weather made us all want to curl up and hide.  It’s such a shame as I was really looking forward to it.  The weather cleared up by about 4pm and we did hear the Ship’s Salute when we took the boys for a walk in the woods which I thought was thunder to start with and looked at the clear blue sky with utter confusion!  It took about 4 cannon shots for me to realise what it was!

Probably the most exciting thing that happened today was that we received a Coolfan to test and review and used it for the first time, it has solved one of our biggest problems so I am extremely chuffed! The review will be published very soon, after it’s been put through its paces for a few more days.

Now i’m going to be cheeky – we have just added “Networkedblogs” and “Google Connect” boxes to the right hand side of the blog, we would much appreciate it if you would follow/like/join us, there will be much love from Spud and Spike and if we get a good following and some good exposure there may well be benefits for you when we start to launch competitions and giveaways!

A pretty boring one from us today I’m afraid, a fuzzy mind and Placebo blaring through my headphones means I am lacking in inspiration for something readable to give you!  But I will leave you with two pictures of the very gorgeous, but very grumpy Spud and Spike to make up for it!

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