Are you ill?!

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Well the house is still sparkly and the washing basket is empty.  For once it’s not just piled up in the garage in front of the washing machine, it’s actually all washed, folded and put away in everyone’s cupboards!  If the hubby wasn’t suspicious enough from my sudden clean and tidy bug tonight I stunned him even more.  After the boys have gone to bed I’m usually gagging to put my feet up and just slob out either on my pc or staring mindlessly at some rubbish soap opera.  Tonight I said I was going to the shop and left pretty sharpish.  The hubby assumed I had gone to buy some chocolate for my night in front of the tv. About ten minutes after I got in the hubby came running into the kitchen to find out what the weird whirring noise was.  There I was stood adding ingredients to the mixer whilst he stood there with his jaw on the floor.  He gave me a very worried look and said “Are you ill?!”  I should be offended but anybody that knows me, knows that I am far from the perfect housewife!  I lack confidence when cooking so don’t often do it, I married a Chef but rather than learn from him I just let him cook for me!  Even when I called my mum, whilst the cakes were cooking, I got a similar reaction.  Ever the pessimist though she did ask me how long I thought I’d be able to keep it up for! So here are my creations, from the woman who can’t bake p.s I will update tomorrow with the results on whether I have just poisoned my family!
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