A complete u-turn

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We are very very lucky with Spud in that he just loves sleep.  He slept through  (8pm-6am) from 6 weeks old after only ever needing one night feed since birth and even now at nearly 2 and a half years old he still does 12 hours at night and 3 hours in the afternoon. Spike was a baby that didn’t sleep.  Right from day one he always had something better to do, 24 hours a day.  He learnt day from night really early on and after a few weeks of arguing with the Health Visitor and Doctor about him having problems and a small bout of Colic, he would settle as soon as you put him down at 7pm.  Then every 4 hours he would be awake, sometimes demanding milk which he would then refuse to drink and sometimes just fancying a bit of attention.  This varied from night to night and occasionally we were up every hour for half an hour, we were two very tired parents with a very tired baby. Spike didn’t fancy naps much either.  He would sleep for roughly 10 minutes at a time, every now and then and then spend the rest of the time whinging.  A week ago I wrote about how a ‘Sleep Expert’ made me realise that it was my fault that he was like this (cue lots of guilt ridden tears) and I took a stand and started controlled crying.  It has been 9 days since I started this and we have done a complete u-turn.  He is like a different baby.  He has a nap for at least 45 minutes in his cot after breakfast and then another one for at least 1.5 hours after lunch.  This has made for a very happy Spike!  He is cheerful, active and hardly ever whinges. Hooray!  Oh and should I add that he has slept 7-7 for the past two nights! Today we were going to Stay and Play so I decided that Spike could nap in the pram on the way there and hopefully through some of the group so I could concentrate on helping Spud with his craft.  I put Spike on our bed whilst I was getting dressed and he obviously was nice and comfortable (remember this was a baby that didn’t nap) as I turned around to find this.  My brilliant plan had been foiled by a 6 month old. It then meant that he was awake for the whole of Stay and Play and slept for the pram ride home, right on top of lunch time.  I had to wake him for his lunch so that we could stick to our routine and then put him down for his afternoon nap.  When I went up to get Spud up at 3.30pm I found Spike like this:

Which did lead to some lovely marks on his tummy and face, which we discovered when he finally woke up:

I am SO glad that I stuck to my instincts and belief that sleep induces sleep because guess what peeps –


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