The Kiddicare Sleep Diary

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For the past month I have been recording mine and Dot’s sleep and moods as part of the Kiddicare Sleep Survey for the Kiddicare Blog.  Within the first week I noticed that even though I thought that Dot didn’t sleep a lot she actually slept a fair bit!  She has always been very good at knowing day from night and settles really well after a feed at night but a few weeks ago she started waking every 90 minutes or so at night – after A LOT of tears from me because I was so exhausted I decided to stop breastfeeding and immediately we noticed a rigid routine from her.


Review – Fisher Price Feeding Range

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With Dot approaching 6 months old we have started thinking about weaning.  When she was still breastfed I was advised to try weaning her to see if that would help with her fussiness.  We tried some baby porridge and she gobbled it down.  I assumed from this that she was ready for weaning so went out and bought every Ella’s Kitchen pouch available and packs of baby spoons.  As if they knew I then received an email from Fisher Price offering us products from their new feeding range to review.